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The following description of the terms of the Debt Securities (as defined below) sets forth certain general terms and provisions of the Debt Securities to which any prospectus supplement may relate. The particular terms of the Debt Securities offered by any prospectus supplement and the extent, if any, to which such general provisions may apply to the Debt Securities so offered will be described in the prospectus supplement relating to such Debt Securities. Accordingly, for a description of the terms of a particular issue of Debt Securities, reference must be made to both the prospectus supplement relating thereto and to the following description.

The Debt Securities will be issued under an indenture (the “Indenture”) dated as of April 8, 2014, between us and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (the “Trustee”). As used in this prospectus, “Debt Securities” means the debentures, notes, bonds and other evidences of indebtedness that we issue and the Trustee authenticates and delivers under the Indenture.

We have summarized certain terms and provisions of the Indenture in this section. The summary is not complete. The Indenture is also an exhibit to the registration statement that is included this prospectus. You should read the Indenture for additional information before you buy any Debt Securities. The summary that follows includes references to section numbers of the Indenture so that you can more easily locate these provisions. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this summary have the meanings specified in the Indenture.


The Debt Securities will be our direct unsecured obligations. The Indenture does not limit the amount of Debt Securities that we may issue and permits us to issue Debt Securities from time to time. Debt Securities issued under the Indenture will be issued as part of a series that has been established by us pursuant to the Indenture (Section 2.01(b)). Unless a prospectus supplement relating to Debt Securities states otherwise, the Indenture and the terms of the Debt Securities will not contain any covenants designed to afford holders of any Debt Securities protection in a highly leveraged or other transaction involving us that may adversely affect holders of the Debt Securities.

A prospectus supplement relating to a series of Debt Securities being offered will include specific terms relating to the offering. These terms will include some or all of the following:


    the title and type of the Debt Securities;


    any limit on the total principal amount of the Debt Securities;


    the price at which the Debt Securities will be issued;


    the date or dates on which the principal of and premium, if any, on the Debt Securities will be payable;


    the maturity date of the Debt Securities;


    if the Debt Securities will bear interest, and if so:


    the interest rate on the Debt Securities,


    the date from which interest will accrue,


    the record and interest payment dates for the Debt Securities or the method of determining such rate,


    the first interest payment date, and


    any circumstances under which we may defer interest payments;


    if the amount of principal, interest or premium, if any, with respect to the Debt Securities may be determined with reference to an index or pursuant to a formula, the manner in which such amounts will be determined;



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